Free Hugs Xenomorph Decal

Posted: March 10, 2022
Free Hugs Xenomorph Decal
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You need a hug? I'd be careful what you wish for. ... Unless you're one of my arch nemeses, such as my ex-girlfriend Karen or my Aunt Jan, in which case, free hugs all around, courtesy of this Free Hugs Xenomorph Decal from The Horror Corner.

I particularly like The Horror Corner's design decision to have the facehugger hold up a "Free Hugs" sign with its pincers, rather than simply printing the words "Free Hugs" above or below it. What a fine adhesive addition to a car window or laptop, especially for all the Alien film fans out there.

The Free Hugs Xenomorph Decal measures 5" x 4.5".

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