RethinkTANK City Manhole Cover Coasters & Trivets

Posted: August 24, 2020
RethinkTANK City Manhole Cover Coasters & Trivets
$22 - $32
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Despite covering things that aren't so pretty, a city's manhole covers are often imprinted with cool, intricate, and sometimes downright stunning designs. RethinkTANK's Under Cover Series showcases these doors to the underground as works of art, etching manhole cover motifs from all over the world into cork coasters and trivets for your kitchen and tabletops. Now rather than granting access to what's below, you can use your favorite city's manhole cover to block it.

Manhole cover trivets are made from sustainable Portuguese cork measuring 0.375" thick and 7.25" in diameter. Coasters are 0.25" thick and 4" in diameter. RethinkTANK has replicated municipal plates from dozens (and dozens) of US and international cities, selling trivets singly and coasters as sets of 4 or more. Either would make a terrific housewarming gift or gift for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

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