War Bowl

Posted: July 25, 2019
War Bowl

Wow, this War Bowl looks sharp in more ways than one. And the next time you need to stick 'em with the pointy end and Needle is nowhere to be found, a War Bowl to the face seems like it would be a pretty good alternative.

The War Bowl is a Dominic Wilcox design, one the artist hand makes from historically accurate toy soldiers from past English battles. His red bowl tosses British Artillery and French Infantry figures into the Battle of Waterloo, and the black War Bowl depicts the English Civil War with Royalist and Parliamentarian figures.

Wilcox created the War Bowl as an exploration of "war and childhood." Seeing it reminds me of my own childhood, and the time I put one of my GI Joes in the microwave to see what would happen. Unfortunately my mama caught and whooped me less than 10 seconds in, but this War Bowl is inspiring me to try it again now that I'm a grown ass man and can put whatever I want in the microwave.

I mean, as long as my wife isn't home.

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