Nikken Ear Hair Tweezers

Posted: February 22, 2022
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Japanese grooming brand Nikken Razor Co. has developed some tweezers specifically for ear hair. And they're not calling them Twearzers. In fact, it doesn't look like they're calling the coiled spring follicular grippers anything but "Ear Hair Tweezers." What a missed opportunity.

While I myself am not plagued with ear hair...yet...I understand it's much trickier to pluck a wild one, or go after an entire overgrown patch, with standard tweezers than it is to take care of unruly eyebrows and stray nose hairs. Because you can't get a good look at where ear hair is attached - the root of the problem, as it were - tweezing it can be both frustrating and, if you poke yourself with a pair of sharp tweezers, painful.

Nikken's Ear Hair Tweezers use the same basic handle and arm design as typical tweezers, but instead of pointy ends and an empty space between where they squeeze together, Nikken has fitted a spring. When placed in a hairy ear, they say a squeeze will grip multiple hairs between the spring's coils, and hold them tight for collective removal as you pull the tweezers back out.

Nikken says adding a spring to tweezers is a totally new idea, and perhaps that specific combination is. But using springs to remove ear - and nose - hair has been a thing for a while. Remember the PLUCK? Shiver. The Nikken Ear Hair Tweezers somehow don't look as painful to use as that questionably piece of gadgetry, but that's not to say they aren't.

Dudes with hairy ear holes, or anyone who needs a gift for Dad and his hairy ear holes, can pledge for a pair of Nikken Ear Hair Tweezers on Kickstarter through March 31, 2022.

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