Shower Foot Massager, Scrubber & Cleaner

Posted: March 31, 2020
Shower Foot Massager, Scrubber & Cleaner
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When I went to my Nana's as an ornery kid, and either didn't want to take a shower, or didn't clean myself to her liking, she always told me the same thing: "If you don't get in that shower and do it right, I'll come in there and scrub your ass 'til it shines like a mirror!" And while this bristly product - almost as bristly as Nana! - is technically called a Shower Foot Scrubber, I have no doubt where Nana could have applied its hundreds of dirt- and germ-banishing whiskers just as well.

Not make you fear the Shower Foot Scrubber like I feared Nana. As it cleans and disinfects your feet, staving off odor and athlete's foot, the scrubbing pad is also made to soothe them. Its bristles are soft and super-flexible, and they should feel good when you stand on them. Even more spa-like when you mashed potato and do the twist, creating a massage on your arches and tickles between your toes.

Best of all, you can use the Shower Foot Scrubber start to finish without bending over and cracking your head on the plumbing fixtures, tweaking your back, or taking a short trip down the bathroom Slip 'N" Slide. Come to think of it, while the Shower Foot Scrubber would have been a great addition to Nana's threats to her grandchildren, it also would have made a great gift for Nana to use herself.

Aw, Nana. Rest in peace. Where you are now, I'm sure your feet are as always smooth and clean as an angel's, no Shower Foot Scrubber, or shower at all, required.

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