SPRUCE Men's Styling Cream

Posted: July 07, 2015
SPRUCE Men's Styling Cream
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There was that deodorant commercial, "Strong enough for a man...but made for a woman." Well this is SPRUCE, and it is not deodorant. Nor is it made for a woman. It's a hair styling product. And it is strong enough for a man...but made for a man who actually gives a rip what he uses to mold his mainstream hipster or mountain man hair. SPRUCE Grooming Cream is a water-based pomade high on the pliability, medium on the hold, and low on the greasy miscreant effect.

SPRUCE is ideal for men with short and medium hair. Worked through clean clumps and strands it produces a natural, all-day hold and shine that won't make the ladies call you KFC Crisp and wonder if you achieved the look by rubbing actual fried chicken fat on your head. Since SPRUCE's base is water, as opposed to oil, wax, or butter, it is also easy to wash out at the end of the day. Additional Grooming Cream ingredients include lanolin, natural carrier oils (Jojoba, Coconut, Castor), oat protein, B vitamins, and a honey-derived conditioner. It contains no parabens, formaldehyde, phthalates, color additives, or synthetic hair fixatives. The product is not tested on animals.

And the SPRUCE scent? Citrus/herbal top notes with rich wood, leather, and tobacco down low. DILF* all the way.

*Replace "Mom" with "Dude".

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