Squeaky Clean Feet Foot Scrubber Shower Shoes

Posted: July 14, 2022
Squeaky Clean Feet Foot Scrubber Shower Shoes
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Scrub-a-dub-dub and tickle-tickle your way to Squeaky Clean Feet with the brand's Foot Scrubber Shower Shoes. I haven't tried them, but I gotta say, it looks like no detail was spared in their design.

Soft, "yet firm and flexible" scrubbing bristles line the entire interior of the Foot Scrubber Shower Shoes, from sole to heel counter to arch. Additionally, the footbed is lined with a series of massage mounds, individually and distinctly nubby and warted themselves, Squeaky Clean Feet says target pressure points in the foot to improve circulation along with cleansing, exfoliating, and sloughing off dead skin. The bottoms of the Shower Shoes are covered in little suction cups to prevent you from slipping and eating tile while minding your foot hygiene.

The tops of the Foot Scrubber Shower Shoes are vented to allow water flow, and the toe ends each have a loop for hanging when you're done. The shoes are made of thick EVA and silicone bristles.

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