Takumi No Waza Green Bell Nail Clippers

Posted: January 11, 2022
Takumi No Waza Green Bell Nail Clippers
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I'm gonna start the New Year right, with a resolution to Takumi No Waza Green Bell Nail Clip my nails when they get too long or split, instead of biting the shit out of them.

Haha, sike. I've bitten my fingernails since the moment I grew teeth, and no matter what my mama and wife have pleaded, bargained, or threatened me with over the years, that ain't gonna change.

I can use these superstar Green Bell Nail Clippers for my toes though. And you, my non-orally-fixated dudes, might even make good use of Takumi No Waza's trimmers for ten digits up top too.

Takumi No Waza seems to have, er, nailed the nail trimming portion of your grooming routine with their Green Bell Nail Clippers. Imported from Japan, the stainless steel "cutlery" is advertised as ultra-sharp and ready for the hardest of nails, extending from either fingers or toes, in the land. They also have a nail file for sanding down sharp edges built into the side.

One thing I notice Takumi No Waza Green Bell Nail Clippers are missing are the wide jaws of SZQHT Nail Clippers, the latter designed to make it easier to maneuver around and cut thick and unruly nails, especially toenails.

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