The Single Handed Barber

Posted: June 11, 2013
The Single Handed Barber
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It's cuttin' it close, but order now and your Single Handed Barber, a DIY electric hair trimmer for short cuts, may arrive just in time for Father's Day. Cuttin' it close. Ha! Hahaha! Pun. Intended. Puns and I share the ambivalent reputation of usually being corny and irritating, but every once in a while being totally awesome and worthy of a fist bump. Or a free pass to motorboat.

The Single Handed Barber allows individuals with closely cropped hairdos to perform trims and maintenance work themselves. The circular device's ergonomic makeup fits comfortably in the hand, while its rotary cutting system follows the contours of the head to snip evenly in any direction. Stainless steel blades and 2 attachments cut to 4 different lengths--1/8", 1/4", 3/8", or 1/2"--as users move the mini stylist circularly through unruly thatches of follicular growth.

Trimmer's have rechargeable batteries that output 4, 5-minute haircuts on a 16-hour charge, or can function on an included AC adapter. Also comes with a comb and scissors, the latter of which makes me a little skeptical of the Single Handed Barber's ability to be a single handed barber.

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