Y-Brush 10-Second Electric Toothbrush

Posted: January 04, 2023
Y-Brush 10-Second Electric Toothbrush
$89.99 - $149.99
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Think of the Y-Brush as a Roomba for your teeth. Or just think of it as an electric toothbrush shaped like a mouthguard that brushes all your teeth all by itself. In just 10 seconds. Hands-free. You could pee and brush your teeth simultaneously, and in the same amount of time.

Actually, I already combine peeing and brushing my teeth. But the 2-minute cycle of my electric toothbrush almost always takes longer than my whizz. And it would be nice not to have to wonder anymore if today's the day I drop the toothbrush in the toilet trying to set it down, tuck myself back in, and flush in quick succession.

Made by French company FasTeesH, the Y-Brush began as a crowdfunding campaign in 2018. It isn't really the first fast bristly brusher of its kind - the Blizzident made an appearance on these pages in 2013, and with a 6-second full-mouth brushing claim - but I guess maybe it's the first electric toothbrush that gets the job done so efficiently.

The Y-Brush comes in Standard, Premium, and Kids models. The Standard Y-Brush has a single sonic vibration mode, while the Premium version has 4. Both have 35,000 nylon bristles that claim to brush all the surfaces of all your teeth in 10 seconds.

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