Leather Star Wars Hats

Posted: February 28, 2017
Leather Star Wars Hats
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Swans have a reputation for both beauty and aggression, and I think The Blonde Swan nails both with her lavishly brash Star Wars-themed leather hats. All come out of Swan Elisabeth Martin's custom Victorian milliner's shop in Fremont, OH, where they are designed, patterned, cut, and sewn by hand. In other words, the hats' extravagant (and, fine, super duper geeky) appearances are direct products of the extravagant craftsmanship that goes into making them.

The trio you see above includes:

Fez-Bacca, with hair-on cow hide subbing in for authentic Wookiee fur. Hand cut accents comprise Chewie's bandolier, and the fezzes come in regular and grande sizes, both with an adjustable belt.

R2D2 Inspired Tiny Topper. Made of smooth silver and blue leather. Again, all details are hand cut and applied. The top hat sits atop your Force-filled head and uses a clear stretch band to stay in place.

Boba Bowler. Various raw colored leathers are are wet molded and interwoven with black patent leather, the latter symbolizing Boba's helmet visor. A cotton padded sweat band and custom belt lie inside for comfort and hold.

Additional Blonde Swan takes on a galaxy far, far away include a BB8 Tiny Topper, Boba Fez, Rebel and Imperial Pilot Crush Caps, and a Storm Trooper Fez.

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