Light-Up Christmas Turkey Hat

Posted: October 31, 2018
Light-Up Christmas Turkey Hat
  • Light-Up Christmas Turkey Hat
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Maybe I'll use this light-up turkey hat to start a new family tradition: The Holiday Dunce Cap. Placed on the head of anyone acting like a jerk, a grinch, a nag, or a party pooper during the festivities.

In other words, the light-up turkey hat will be a permanent fixture atop the Aqua Netted noggin of my Aunt Jan. Fitting payback for her not only because she exhibits all of the above qualities around the holidays, but also because she has on many, many occasions taken the opportunity to call me a turkey.

The plush turkey hat, recommended for use as a chef's hat replacement in addition to a Holiday Dunce Cap, has a short string of battery-powered lights wound through it that illuminate with 2 x AAs.

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