NoSweat Hat Liner & Cap Protection

Posted: September 05, 2018
NoSweat Hat Liner & Cap Protection
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NoSweat Hat Liners are thin, lightweight, absorbent pads that stick on to hats, caps, or helmets to soak up forehead sweat so it doesn't run into your eyes. The liners also help prevent headwear staining and odor buildup. NoSweat Liners appear to be marketed specifically to golfers, but it seems to me their demographic is much larger, including runners and hikers, cyclists, coaches, workers wearing hard hats, and anyone stuck sitting in direct sunlight on a 95-degree day at a festival or child's soccer game.

Probably NoSweat takes a heavy golf angle because their hat liners are endorsed by a pro golfer, and an officially licensed product of the PGA tour. But if sweat tends to run down your face, stinging your eyes and blurring your vision, even if you're not about to make a putt that could win you $2 million, a NoSweat Hat Liner could be a useful accessory.

NoSweat Hat Liners are disposable, and come in packs of 6 to 50. In addition to traditional golf hats and helmets, they will stick inside bucket hats, sun hats, safari hats, and straw hats.

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