14K Gold Michael Myers Pendant

Posted: September 24, 2021
14K Gold Michael Myers Pendant
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You gotta be a big fan of Michael Myers, Halloween, horror movies, and/or creeping people out to drop $650 on a 14K Gold Michael Myers Pendant. It's not even made of hand-cut diamonds - though I'm sure there's some cutting involved in this pendant somewhere. Fitting that it's made to wear around your neck. Michael Myers' sparkly, bejeweled face is actually filled with cubic zirconia stones, and the rest of him is made of brass. The 14K gold comes in only for the plating.

If you want to go scary and scary expensive, maybe go all in with an 18K gold, 2.9-carat diamond pave skull ring. Save the seasonal scary movie buys for one of these classic horror movie Halloween finds.

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