Cleaver Ring

Posted: October 07, 2013
Cleaver Ring
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Raul Souza's cleaver ring is what you use to threaten children who can't keep their hands to themselves when time out, grounding, and public humiliation cease to have an effect. Of course the ol' finger-sized-butcher's-knife-and-fake-blood trick will only work on kids under 6...or older kids who aren't very bright I suppose...but when it comes to breeding good behavior through discipline and fear, it's most productive to get 'em while their young anyway.

Souza's magnificently creepy cleaver ring is handmade from sterling silver and recycled wood. Wear it throughout October to encapsulate the spirit of Halloween, and the rest of the year's months to get a continual flow of compliments and props. Or eye rolls and disgusted stares. Kinda depends on the crowd.

Cleaver ring does not include pooled blood; wearers will need to provide the artificial hemoglobin capsules or Smuckers raspberry jam themselves.

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