Diamond Skull Rings

Posted: December 28, 2014
Diamond Skull Rings
$680 - $4,700
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Diamond skull rings for the alternative crowd. For those who want to emphasize the 'Til death do us part part. For all the neurosurgeons and forensic anthropologists out there. Armed with a Metalsmithing degree from the Art Institute of Chicago, Adam Foster hand makes all of his precious metal skull rings and sets them with gemstones from his studio in St. Louis, MO. He uses only recycled metals and conflict-free or antique repurposed stones to promote social responsibility in addition to gothic decadence.

Foster's diamond skull ring designs typically come in the buyer's choice of white, yellow, or rose gold. His Etsy shop's diamonds range in number and size from a smattering at 0.25 carats total, to a single 0.75 carat emerald cut stone with 1mm round diamond accents on the native-inspired skulls in headdresses. Commissioned and custom pieces are also available upon request.

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