Dune Futuristic Rings

Posted: February 18, 2021
Dune Futuristic Rings
$72 - $122
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There are some cooooool cats over at Substance Jewelry making these Dune Futuristic Rings - and really all the rings available in the designers' Etsy shop. Each of the Dune Ring listings kicks off with a quote from Frank Herbert: "Once men turned their thinking over to machines in the hope that this would set them free. But that only permitted other men with machines to enslave them." And, yeah, admittedly, that's kind of a downer. But it does set the mood for the intricate, otherworldly geometric pieces you're seeing, and leads us into Substance's inspiration for the collection.

The abstract, futuristic shapes of the Dune rings are all intended to house a "hidden energy core" unique to Substance in both design and execution. Expressed as honeycombed interiors, the idea conjures alternate universes and faraway planets, perhaps dystopian or post apocalyptic ones, where people hold supernatural abilities, or their very life force, in a ring that never leaves their finger.

Fittingly, Substance uses a special technology to create their Dune Rings of the future. The jewelry is hollow, but crafted with stiffening ribs hidden inside. This gives them their swell honeycomb aesthetic, and makes the rings lightweight and comfortable to wear.

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