Elf Ear Cuffs

Posted: January 02, 2013
Silver Elf Earrings
$55 - $105
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Ladies, if you're wondering what dudes will say when you enter the room wearing a pair of Alanya Divine's custom-made silver elf ear cuffs, the answer is, "Yes, please." You like them for their craftily shaped argentium silver wire and stone bead accents woven into the design of your choosing, and we like them for their allusion to an Arwen Evenstar we might possibly have half a chance of making out with.

Divine outlines a fairly extensive collection of elf ear design choices in her Etsy shop. Note that the cuffs' base price is $60. More intricate selections have associated cost increases, while those with no stones incorporated are $5 less. Stones come in round, chip, faceted, and miscellaneous shapes, all of which are dazzling, just like the women whose ears will be showcasing them. And serving as bookends to their impressively intelligent and witty minds. And completely cute and endearing mannerisms. What? Lip service? No. I don't even know what that term means, gorgeous.

Note: For those purchasing a pair of elf ears in hopes of catching my discerning eye, I am partial to the Gears on Stripes and Shaman designs.

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