Good After Nine Animal Rings

Posted: February 11, 2021
Good After Nine Animal Rings
$54 - $163.50
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Didn't get that hippopotamus for Christmas? How about a Happy Hippo Ring instead? Those denied cats, dogs, snakes, cockatoos, koalas, and frog princes, Good After Nine has its finger on the pulse of your disappointment too. The jewelry shop offers up adorable handmade animal rings in dozens of different species as consolation to animal lovers who can't be animal owners.

Plus those who know it's better to show off their love of lions, tigers, and bears in ways other than buying an actual lion, tiger, or bear.

Plus the lovelorn still waiting for one of those stinkin' frogs to transform.

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Designers Chawanunt Thongpool and Tidarin Srisook founded Good After Nine in 2009 to showcase their ideas for "novel, fun and unconventional jewellery." All elements of their animal rings are conceived, developed, and brought to life by hand in their Bangkok studio.

The Happy Hippo Ring featured above is part of Good After Nine's Safarica Collection, made from brass covered in 18K gold plating, and finished with enamel. All of the animal rings available in their shop are available in US sizes 5, 6, and 7, with the back of the ring band left open for adjustability to precise finger size.

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