His & Hers Star Wars Rings

Posted: January 30, 2013
His & Hers Star Wars Rings
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I like the idea of the Force being with me, but I also like the idea of stuff. With one of these Star Wars rings I will still be able to envision and harness the power of an intangible Force, but, more importantly, I'll be able rub for good luck a dope manifestation of it while doing so. A sterling silver manifestation custom made to my specifications no less.

Oh yeah, and my ring comes as part of a his & hers set, which means that pretty soon not only am I going to have a classy Death Star emblem wrapped around my finger, but a lovely lady as well. Because what better way to lure 'em in than a dainty, yet sick, piece of jewelry paying homage to the best tale in cinematic history? Maybe even history in general. Am I right, men, or am I right?

His & hers Star Wars ring sets come with the buyer's choice of Galactic Republic symbols, including:

  • The Jedi symbol
  • A Death Star
  • The Rebel Alliance symbol
  • An Imperial Cog
  • A Boba Fett chest symbol

For additional fees, different metals, such as 14K white/yellow/rose/green gold ($1,050 each), 14K Palladium white gold ($1,250 each), and Platinum ($3,000 apiece) are also available for ring forging. Ringmaster Chelsea Swank can also add stones to the finger adornments for $75 apiece, or sell single rings to people who know better than to commit to a significant other.

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