Masters of the Universe Orko Chain Necklace

Posted: December 03, 2021
Masters of the Universe Orko Chain Necklace
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A Masters of the Universe Orko Chain Necklace?! Hot diggity-dog, my wife, She-Ra: Princess of Power is gonna Adora this! (Haha, get it?) Who else needs a gift for a woman packed with the power of a Trollan?

No? Power of a Trollan not gonna do it for her? OK, how about the power of a Mattel Creations collaboration with jewelry designer Kristopher Kites?

Like the Hot Wheels RC Tesla Cybertruck we saw in early 2020, the Masters of the Universe Orko Chain Necklace comes straight out of the Mattel "Collaboratory," and sees Kites adding his artistic touch to a childhood favorite. Orko stands 4" tall and comes with a 27" iridescent translucent resin chain, so you can wear him and personify one of my all-time favorite Ludacris song lyrics:

Watch out for the medallion my diamonds are reckless
Feels like a midget is hangin' from my necklace

Or, if you're not into sporting oversized bling in the likeness of He-Man's and She-Ra's loyal wizard friend, detach Orko from his chain, and just display him on the included stand. Bonus for those who choose the collectible figure display option: when placed on his stand, Orko magically lights up.

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