Pool Ball Rings

Posted: July 27, 2012
Pool Ball Rings
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For 8-ball macs, pool hall hustlers, and billiards champ groupies (uh, the three of you who exist). Eleanor Salazar carves each of her rings from a real pool ball in right-angle or rounded form. No two are identical, and dimensions will vary slightly, with all rings made to order in the buyer's choice of ring size (5 to 10), color, and number. If Paul Newman were alive, he'd say, "Vincent, get in the car, this is embarrassing. You're acting like some girl who got felt up at the drive-in." And Tom Cruise would respond, "Goose, it's time to buzz the tower.

Carved Pool Ball Rings are available in the following colors and corresponding numbers:

  • Deep Red, 7 and 15
  • Bright Red, 3 and 11
  • Yellow, 1 and 9
  • Green, 6 and 14
  • Purple, 4 and 12
  • Blue, 2 and 10
  • Orange, 5 and 13
  • Black, 17. What, still reading? You know what number it is, yo.

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