Sixth Finger Ring

Posted: January 09, 2017
Sixth Finger Ring

Whooooo wants a FINGERring? Come on, ladies, don't be shy. If you've ever felt like something was missing from your life, here's the perfect opportunity to find out whether or not that something is a 6th finger.

German jewelry and nail artist Nadja Buttendorf (who also makes an EARring and, in my opinion, should go by BUTTendorf, and get to work on an ASShat) has, uh...upcycled?...the size, shape, and texture of her own left ring finger into a silicone replica mounted to a band. When worn it angles upward about an inch or two above her real finger, and bobs around in its erect position no matter what Buttendorf does with her hands.

The FINGERring makes for a creepy optical illusion, and also makes you wonder why Buttendorf didn't opt to cast the design for one finger to her right.

Maybe that's not a thing in Germany.

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