Sterling Silver Full Finger Ring

Posted: August 14, 2018
Full Finger Ring
$175 - $185
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The Silver Digit. Excellent. I am one sterling full finger ring away from a new alter ego. I'll look like a cross between the Phantom of the Opera and Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget. But use my powers only for good, of course.

Aha! The Silver Digit goes up when it solves the crime. You! The Silver Digit points out when it identifies the culprit. This guy! The Silver Digit turns inward when someone asks who wants some tacos to celebrate.

Matt White calls his handmade full finger ring a "ladies" full finger ring, but with an adjustable band on the other side, and an offer to custom size the band to accommodate larger fingers, I think we can safely assume this most dazzling piece of jewelry is unisex. And speaker of adjustable bands on the other side, yes, the full finger ring is truly a finger ring, not a finger condom, so the sterling silver cast is hollow on the back side, with the ring band positioned on the middle section of the finger. This, according to White, allows for full finger mobility during wear.

Over the sterling base, the rings can be plated in yellow gold, pink gold, or black rhodium for a small additional fee. And! You can request the fingernail in a different color. Or if you want the full full finger ring made in brass, bronze, white gold, yellow gold, or pink gold, White is happy to do that too - inquire for pricing.

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