Strong Man Ring Holder

Posted: December 12, 2021
Strong Man Ring Holder
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Sure, this Strong Man Ring Holder is super ripped and all, but I bet the dude's a total acne-ridden, cross-eyed, butter face. Ugly as sin, and that's why they never show him from the front in any of the ring holder's marketing photos.

I mean, either that or because of the ginormous penis he has that makes him able to store a dozen or more rings on his even more ginormous erection.

But due to my own feelings of inadequacy, I prefer to think it's the first one. Butt ugliness.

The Strong Man Ring Holder is made of sculpted poly-resin, and stands about 6" tall. His depth, from crack to tip, is 3". In addition to storing rings on his wee-wee, the Strong Man can also hold bracelets and other jewelry around his neck and over his pumped-up, flexing biceps.

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