The Accuser Ring with Blinking Opal Eyes

Posted: June 16, 2023
The Accuser Ring with Blinking Opal Eyes
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J'accuse! this humanoid ring and its opal eyes that actually blink of...being awesome. Made by Levon Kevorkian and sold through his Internal Affairs jewelry studio, The Accuser Ring will tell everyone you meet that your eyes are, in fact, down here.

The head, which I believe is modeled after Ronan the Accuser from the Marvel Comics Universe, is made of .925 sterling silver. Its fluttering eyelids cover your choice of cut black, black forest, fire, hot pink, blood, or azure opal.

On second thought, The Accuser Ring and its ominous opal eyes could be designed according to Kevorkian's vision of Satan, because TIL that "Satan" means "accuser" in Hebrew.

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