Your Pet's Nose Ring

Posted: October 06, 2017
Your Pet's Nose Ring
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I'm all for loving your pet...and your pet's nose. But your pet's nose as a ring? Even if the sweet pup or kitty has moved on to taller trees and bigger litter boxes, I'm not sure wearing a sterling silver cast of their snout on your pinky finger is the best way to memorialize them. It's definitely the weirdest. And will guarantee you never forget Herbie, or his little snot organ. Eh, why not? We wear rings on our noses, why not noses on our rings?

And if we're going that far, why not nose nose rings? Can I get one of these pet noses as a nostril stud?

Rock My World, Inc. casts their pet nose rings from molds you make at home of your cat's or dog's nose. They'll send you a mold kit to use - they say it's pretty simple - and create a custom, one of a kind piece of jewelry from the results you mail back.

The ring itself is a single piece of silver, as opposed to a band with a separate honker adhered to it. If you couldn't tell by looking at it, Rock My World says twice in their listing that the pet nose rings are pretty chunky and heavy.

If you're not smellin' what Rock My World is cookin' with the ring memorial, or you need a gift for a pet lover whose ring size you don't nose, you can also have them cast a dog or cat's nose into a necklace pendant or keychain.

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