SharkMan Wearable Furniture

Posted: January 09, 2018
SharkMan Wearable Furniture

You won't be unleashing any superhero maneuvers as the awkward and bulky SharkMan, but this concept from Yang Zhao isn't for fighting crime. Or sharks for that matter. SharkMan is a wearable piece of furniture. It's an experimental "soft furniture" design the Chicago-based artist developed to give wearers the means and privacy to work, take a timeout, or go into instant nap mode from anywhere.

SharkMan shifts and folds almost like origami around its wears, with formations of various cubicle-style environments possible while standing, seated, and lying down. Two interior zippers allow SharkMan to alter its appearance and function without additional pieces or tools.

Zhao notes that his SharkMan furniture can zip fully shut to block out the world and create a private space, but my guess is that anyone who sees you walking around in a SharkMan will keep their distance without the need to zip up any soft walls around you. What do you think? SharkMan or Sleep Suit for the Stay Away from That Dude trophy?

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