ABUSA Lambswool Insoles

Posted: December 20, 2021
ABUSA Lambswool Insoles
$12.99 - $14.99
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These ABUSA Lambswool Insoles for shoes, boots, and slippers provide no arch support, but Baaaaaa! Who needs arch support this winter when your feet are luxuriating in thick and cozy natural fleece?

Handmade from 100% Australian lambswool, ABUSA insoles provide additional cushion and, more importantly, warmth when slipped inside men's and women's footwear. Their padding is latex (not sheepskin) and it actually does have a slight lift at the arch to provide some support. Also, the insoles contain no harmful substances, and won't irritate your skin during wear. Unless, I suppose, you're allergic to latex.

As a last minute gift idea, ABUSA Lambswool Insoles could make a great stocking stuffer or gift for your girlfriend who's always cold. The fleece foot cozies are available in natural and black-dyed wool. Or maybe the black wool is natural too, which would also make ABUSA's insoles a terrific gift for the black sheep in your family.

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