Cloven Sneakers

Posted: October 24, 2022
Cloven Sneakers
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So I guess the correct term is "Japanese Tabi Sneakers," but calling them "Cloven Sneakers" ensures the footwear's name is as attention-getting as their look. Not to mention, if you're gonna be hoofin' it to work, the gym, or the donut shop, why not use a pair of hoof-style shoes to get you there?

Made by Marugo, these cloven sneaks are made lightweight and air cushioned, so if you can get used to a full shoe with a rubber sole and polyester upper creeping between your toes like flip-flops, they should be pretty comfortable. And suitable for walking and working out, especially given tabis' roots in Japanese martial arts.

Marugo's Cloven Sneakers are unisex in size, and come in black and white.

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