FlipRocks Extreme Flip-Flops

Posted: May 29, 2019
FlipRocks Extreme Flip-Flops
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FlipRocks are a far cry from your average flip-flops. Buuuut, they seem to be right in line - or rather, right in injection-molded removable grips with extreme traction applications - with your average dad shoe.

From appearance to functionality FlipRocks have Adventure Dad covered. (Adventure Mama and kiddos can get in on the outdoor footwear too, the sandals are made in all styles and sizes.) The gripping system on their soles consists of two plates, GripToeNite gripping pads, with specialized uses you can swap out based on the day's activity.

FlipRocks flip-flops come with Timberline Hiking and Kayaker Felt GripToeNite pads, the former specific to hiking, and the latter for kayaking and other small boat activities. The company also sells Water Trekker, River Master (felt and spikes), G-REX, Marine Sportsman (boating and yachting), and Gopher (golf) pads.

FlipRocks are also built with a molded toe guard and "four wheel drive" upper strapping.

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