GrassSlides Real Turf Sandals

Posted: May 12, 2020
GrassSlides Real Turf Sandals
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Dad, what's better than grass stains on your New Balance 608v5s? That's right, real turf on your GrassSlides sandals.

I myself am not partial to walking barefoot through grass - it feels like tortuous tickle feathers between my toes - but for those of you who don't have my enhanced sense of touch (a curse at times, but a blessing at others!) perhaps the appeal of taking a slightly overgrown lawn with you everywhere you go will be irresistible. GrassSlides feature synthetic grass (i.e., real turf) footbeds and, unlike Kusa grass flip-flops, Velcro adjustable neoprene closures to keep your toes free of intrusion from anything but the artificial replicas of nature.

GrassSlides also pair well with socks (obviously) and if you want to get clever, I recommend getting some soccer ball or snake socks to complete the look. Socks with a dog peeing on them would be good too, but I can't find any of those.

Oh, and a fun bit of irony to include on the card if you end up getting these sandals as a gift for Dad: GrassSlides are waterproof.

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