GREATS Foster Closed Back Slipper

Posted: October 18, 2021
GREATS Foster Closed Back Slipper
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GREATS has upgraded their Foster Slipper with a new closed-back version, presumably to compete with the likes of New Balance's CRVN MOCs and, my personal favorite ugly footwear that is so comfortable and versatile I'm willing to overlook the ugliness, Teva Ember Moc Slippers.

Like the Ember Mocs, the Foster Slippers' closed back is collapsible, so you can drive your foot in and smash down the counters to wear them as slides, or pull the stretchy fabric up around your heel to secure it in place. Foster outsoles are made of recycled rubber, waterproof and durable enough for outdoor wear when you need to run to the grocery store, or run after the dog that escaped when someone (your father-in-law) opened the front door too wide.

GREATS built the rest of the Foster Closed Back Slipper with comfort, active(ish) lifestyles, and sustainability in mind too. The nylon upper is made from recycled fishing nets and carpet, the cushioned footbed is wrapped in soft leather, and the slippers are lined with mesh made from recycled plastic bottles. Sounds like a great gift for Dad to me.

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