Memory Foam Height Increasing Insoles

Posted: July 05, 2017
Memory Foam Height Increasing Insoles
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No need to feel uncomfortable about wanting some height increasing insoles. No need to feel uncomfortable wearing them either. We could all benefit from an extra inch or two somewhere and, according to Heelborne, their Memory Foam Boost insoles give those seeking to stand taller an additional 1.4" of vertical, without cramping or making their feet ache as if they must pay the piper for their vanity.

Memory Foam Boost Height Increasing Insoles have an ergonomic fit centered around the "walking on clouds" design of soft, breathable memory foam. Heelborne notes this pair is best paired with boots or hi-top shoes since the lift you'll get is significant. Enough to back up the 6'0" height you entered in your online dating profile. Just make sure your first date is a mountain hike or a game of HORSE at the playground, and not stand up paddleboarding.

Heelborne's Height Increasing Insoles are one size fits all - you can trim their front ends to achieve the desired fit in your shoes. In addition to covering fibs, the 3.5cm / 1.4" lift they provide can help wearers see better at shows and sporting events, feel better on the dance floor, and look better in Instagram posts about standing tall and being proud of who you are.

Note: Despite their seeming appeal, Memory Foam Height Increasing Insoles would make a horrible gift for a man.

Unless he's a man who deserves a horrible gift as payback for the man girdle he gave you last year.

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