Redneck Boot Sandals

Posted: September 04, 2018
Redneck Boot Sandals
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Redneck Boot Sandals, this is an old April Fool's joke, right? Maybe that too, but these cowboy boot-flip flop hybrids are also an actual shoe made in Alabama. Or Oklahoma. Or Texas. Or one of those states where it becomes a real conundrum in the summer heat whether to sacrifice the identity you wear on your feet, or your ability to walk around without those feet melting off your ankles.

To boot, if you want to buy a pair of Redneck Boot Sandals, you don't have to worry the company won't have a style you like or the size you need. All Redneck Boot Sandals are made custom, cut from a pair of boots you already own, and mail in to the company for "reconstructive surgery." Men's, women's, children's, even dog boots - they'll redneck up 'em all.

At printing, Redneck Boot Sandals was offering boot redesign in flip flop and double strap styles.

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