Rhino Unbreakable Shoelaces

Posted: June 01, 2014
Rhino Unbreakable Shoelaces
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Rhino Laces are guaranteed to be unbreakable, fireproof, and slashproof. By both the people who make them and the people who wear them--who happen to be one in the same. A group of wildland firefighters, tired of the metal eyelets on their boots chewing through laces at inopportune times, created the impenetrable Rhino Laces in response to the call of duty. Believing that boots are only as strong as the ties that bind them, these laces have been designed to resist flames, knives, saws, bear claws, and zombie maws. (Now if only they could promise as much for the bodies they entwine.)

Rhino Laces come in sizes S through XL. Each Rhino small measures 52", long enough to fill 6 to 10 eyelets. Mediums are 62" and larges 70", or 8 to 12 eyelets each. And X-larges are 72" for 10 to 14 eyelets. Thread Rhino Laces through boots used for anything from backcountry trekking to military ops to MacGyver-approved escapades through the streets of LA. Available colors include tan, black, reflective red, and reflective black.

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