Slow Man Slip-On Sock Shoes

Posted: August 26, 2020
Slow Man Slip-On Sock Shoes
$26.99 - $33.99
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If, when a pair of socks slipped inside a pair of sneakers, they made a baby, that baby could definitely pop out looking like Slow Man's Slip-On Sock Shoes. And while I'm not so sure about the laceless Sock Shoes' zdesire to announce they are "FASHION" with the word emblazoned across them, I do like the still-slip-on styles with the shoelaces. And I especially like that Slow Man, in their breeding of socks and shoes, has also allowed the price tags of socks and shoes to mate, producing an offspring I can actually afford to hang out with.

Slip-On Sock Shoes are made of stretchy mesh knit uppers, and ultralight, pliable MD rubber soles Slow Man says have been ergonomically molded to provide excellent traction and grip.

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