VEJA Fitz Roy Technical Hiking Shoe

Posted: February 24, 2023
VEJA Fitz Roy Technical Hiking Shoe
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Dude. You really gotta be an avid hiker to justify spending $245 on a pair of hiking shoes. I mean, VEJA's Fitz Roy Technical Hiking Shoes are nice enough and all, but...what? Basketball? Naw, dude. You don't need to play...nope. Don't need to know how to dribble or shoot the ball overhead either to justify spending $245 on a pair of Air Jordans. ... Don't ask me why the double standard, I didn't make up the rules. It's just the way of the world of athletic footwear.

VEJA's shoes are all made in Brazil, and all focus on supporting economic justice and using eco-friendly materials, in addition to designing fashionable and functional kicks. The Fitz Roy features multi-directional crampons and a Rock-Plate to create a stable sole with plenty of traction for challenging hikes. Its upper is made of Trek-Shell, VEJA's tightly woven recycled polyester fabric that's been treated with a water repellent. Amazonian rubber and sugar cane are used in the Fitz Roy insole, midsole, and outsole, and additional recycled polyester in their tech lining and laces.

Muchas danke to Bless This Stuff.

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