SnooZzoo Furry Friend Sleeping Bags

Posted: August 07, 2019
SnooZzoo Furry Friend Sleeping Bags
$79.95 - $169.95
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Not sure how many polar bears - or adult women - have that caliber of high kick in them, but I think if I were wearing a SnooZzoo polar bear furry friend sleeping bag like the lady above, I'd probably try my luck at an exuberant Hi-yah! or two too.

SnooZzoo combines creativity (or kitschiness, if you prefer) with coziness in their line of animal sleeping bags for adults. Furry beasts that will hug you sleep indoors or out include a polar bear, a wolf, a panda bear, and a tiger. They accommodate dudes and ladies up to 75" tall, and themselves extend 78" ear-to-paw. Just be careful SnooZzoo-ing in camping tents, safari jeeps, or igloos. If the real thing sees you sleeping around in their likeness, they might make a move to claim you as one of their own.

SnooZzoo animal sleeping bags also come in kids' sizes, and fold up to carry like a backpack.

Not quite ready to go wild animal from head to toe? Ease yourself into the wearable polar bear life with a Griz Coat.

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