Behrens MARS Project ONE Dual Time Zone Watch

Posted: July 15, 2022
Behrens MARS Project ONE Dual Time Zone Watch
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What time is it? OK, what time is it in Japan? OK, what time is it on Mars? That's the question Behrens will let you answer with no more than a glance at your wrist with their MARS Project ONE Dual Time Zone Watch. A tribute to the world's recent fascination with exploring, and possibly populating, Mars, the MARS Project ONE is a luxury automatic timepiece featuring embedded 3D replicas of Earth and Mars, and the current time on each planet.

Behrens uses a Swiss Cal.2824 automatic wind movement as the watch's base, but has developed and overlaid it with a unique mechanical module that allows the MARS Project ONE to display simultaneous Earth and Mars time systems. In addition to looking geekily fetching, the two globes rotate within the watch, and contain a band at their equators depicting each planet's time zone. Hours and minutes for both are displayed below the planets, with the Earth / Mars current day of the week and date of the month occupying their own dials in between.

The MARS Project ONE is housed in a 42mm rectangular titanium case, and comes with a titanium band Behrens points out is adjustable without the use of tools.

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