DeLorean Watch

Posted: October 13, 2012
DeLorean Watch
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Romain Jerome's DeLorean-DNA timepiece isn't just some highfalutin gimmick intended to make me sad I do not possess $17,200 American dollars. Wait, yes it is. And it's working. Because not only do the watch's rhodiumed and satin-brushed dial and chronograph counters, engraved traverses, and black leather strap look like temporal superiority, the 81-piece edition is also made from the real live bodywork of a DeLorean, and each watch incorporates a regenerative body part from Michael J. Fox, such as a strand of hair, an eyelash, or a fingernail. On the face's flip side awaits an engraving of the champion of sports cars and gull-wing doors, as well as the individual timepiece's production number. All in all, a lot more subtle than Jerome's Space Invaders and Pac-Man watches, but I guess it makes sense given that Back to the Future is so widely considered to be the poster child for cinematic subtlety.

Just kidding about the Marty McFly body parts, by the way. The DeLorean components are legit though, and folded into the DNA's brushed stainless steel bezel.

Muchas danke to High Snobiety.

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