Kairos Hybrid Smartwatch

Posted: May 21, 2014
$499 - $1,199
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Kairos is accepting preorders for the world's first and only (let's see for how long) mechanical-smartwatch hybrid. The series' 2 designs and 4 price points aren't cheap, but at rates of 50% to 60% off expected eventual retail value through July 1, 2014, they're as cheap as they're going to get for the foreseeable future. And Kairos hopes buyers will find the initial expense well worth it for a watch that is both a functional overachiever, as well as pretty damn spiffy to look at.

In addition to keeping analog time in style, Kairos watches can smarten wearers' wrists with:

  • Notifications. Text Messages, e-mails, incoming calls all pop up on the smartwatch interface. The interface shows at either a 40% or 60% transparency, a display choice the buyer must make at purchase.
  • Push-Alerts. App notifications can be forwarded to the Kairos, including those from Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp.
  • RC Smartphone Power. The watch can serve as a remote control for smartphones or tablet PCs. This will allow wearers to perform actions such as taking camera shots from far away, controlling music while walking, and sending pre-set text messages while driving.
  • Fitness Stats. Activity levels and data stay up to date. Pedometer, caloric output, and duration stats can all flash across the Kairos.
  • Chronograph Capabilities. Functions include a stop watch, elapsed time counter, and GPS-enabled automatic world time display for business travelers and the temporally OCD.
  • Multi-Language Support. English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Japanese language support.

The mechanical portion of the Kairos watch series is comprised of 316L stainless steel, genuine leather and crystal sapphire glass. The components of its 46mm diameter case are water-resistant to 3 ATM. Bluetooth 4.0 connects the watches to their smart capabilities, also supported by a touch sensor, 3-axis accelerometer with gesture detection, and gyroscope. Smartwatch battery life per USB charge is 5 to 7 days. They are compatible with both iOS and Android systems.

Kairos' 2 models are the MSW 115 and SSW 158. The former has a Miyota 82S7 automatic movement, and the latter a Soprod A10BV-2 Swiss automatic movement. MSW 115s come in colors metal, black, and gold. Their anticipated debut is December 2014. SSW 158s, available in metal or gold, are both limited edition watches and expected to release in March 2015.

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