Kisai 7 LED Watch

Posted: May 11, 2012
Kisai 7 LED Watch
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And the best part is, no one will ever suspect it's a watch! The Kisai 7 LED watch is another trippy, limited edition Tokyoflash creation, with two rings and two L-bars of searing blue pronouncing the hours and minutes of the day. The inner ring designates the hour, the outer ring the minutes in quantities of five, and the flanking bars pick up the straggling 60-second singles.

The Kisai 7 is also USB rechargeable, so no more replacing the whole battery when your watch begins F-ing up the time and making you miss Dr. Who. A full charge takes 3 hours, and should last about a month. The body of the watch is encased in hard plastic, and the strap is a polyurethane concoction with a seamless butterfly clasp. White LED models are also available for blue haters, or those who experienced Smurf-related childhood trauma.

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