Kisai Online LCD Watch

Posted: July 12, 2012
Kisai Online LCD Watch
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Hot off our Tokyoflash Watch Giveaway, we heard the Japanase timepiece visionaries have released a brand new turbo-lit piece of wrist candy. And no math skills are required to read this one! Just a little Magic-Eye-optical-illusion-Luke-Skywalker focusing power. The Kisai Online, a concept design submitted by Toykoflash fan Sam Jerichow, and voted into production by other Tokyoflash fans, employs a built-in accelerometer to tweak and bend its Matrix-like series of vertical LCD lines into a digital readout of the current time. Even cooler, wearers activate the accelerometer with a simple turn of their wrists. This way, the time always remains cryptic and undecipherable to others--particularly lovely ladies with long silky hair and an uncontrollable carnal attraction to men who know what time it is--while you, a veritable Time Lord, will be always able to look at it yourself and provide them with an accurate statement of the hours and minutes.

The Kisai Online also includes date and alarm functions, and is available in red, blue, and natural LCD colors paired with either silver or black bands. Through June 13, 2012, buyers will receive a $20 discount off its standard $169 selling price, with free worldwide shipping.

Jerichow's Kisai is the 7th Tokyoflash release to have been conceived and submitted by a fan--so anyone out there with neon lights and cascading numbers and mathematical grids swirling through your head, put 'em on paper. Your brainchild could be the next big Whoa, is that a watch? How do you tell what time it is? Dude...that's fuckin' cool.

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