MATRIX PowerWatch - Powered by Body Heat

Posted: January 12, 2017
$129 - $159
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Three things come to mind when I see MATRIX's forthcoming PowerWatch: 1) The movie The Matrix; 2) The word "manpower," and 3) The saying, "If you want something done right, you better do it yourself." The MATRIX PowerWatch is a smartwatch and activity tracker you never have to charge because it's self-powered. Or rather, yourself-powered. The PowerWatch absorbs and converts your body heat into juice for its battery, so you never have to take it off for charging.

It kinda makes you your own personal human farm. You're consenting, of course, but I still wonder if Morpheus, Neo, et. al. would approve.

The PowerWatch's power meter gives a running count of how much electricity your body heat is producing, and building on that basic function, MATRIX further uses thermoelectric technology to measure (completely accurate, they say) calories burned, activity level, and sleep.

Since your body turns calories consumed into heat, MATRIX says the PowerWatch can measure calories burned with precision. It also stores the steps you've taken and monitors your sleep quality. Basic watch features include a timer and stopwatch, water resistance to 50 meters, and auto-adjustment to the current time zone, plus changeable watch face options through syncing with the PowerWatch iOS or Android app.

If you do remove the PowerWatch it will store your data and go to sleep until you put it back on.

MATRIX plans to ship PowerWatches around July 2017 in standard 46mm face and larger 50mm X versions. The X will be water resistant to 200 meters and be able to beep or vibrate notifications. Pledge for one of your own here on IndieGoGo.

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