Rotate All-In-One Watchmaking Kits

Posted: April 16, 2021
Rotate All-In-One Watchmaking Kits
$195 - $225
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Building my own watch with one of Rotate's All-In-One Watchmaking Kits sounds like quite the accomplishment. I'd be very pleased with myself, and wear that watch until the end of time, if I did that. "If" being the key word here.

Rotate rates the difficulty levels of each timepiece in their line of DIY mechanical watch building kits. "Medium" and "Hard" are the only two that make an appearance. And I'm more of an "Easy"-going dude. So, yeah, I'll leave the Rotate All-In-One Watchmaking Kits to you 5-star tinkerers, makers, and Operation masters out there.

And for the group, or for anyone looking for a gift for a man or gift for a woman in that group, the Rotate watch kits come with all the parts, tools, and guidance you'll need to assembly your watch. At printing, there were 5 designs to choose from, each with a fully mechanical movement, hand-wound and battery-free.

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