The Most Accurate Watch in the World

Posted: December 01, 2012
The Most Accurate Watch in the World
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While seemingly morbid and in poor taste at first glance, The Accurate--a Mr. Jones Watch--intends to serve as a reminder of our fleeting seconds, minutes, and hours on earth. Its dial and rim are even mirrored so that when you look at it to read the time and the words "remember" on the hour hand and "you will die" on the minute hand, you will also see your face, and know for sure that the message is aimed at you. But again, it's not meant to be a, "Heh, heh, it's the final countdown, suckah" sentiment, but a memento mori, a "Time is precious, so seize the moment and do something with it, suckah" kind of Truth.

Unless you give the watch to someone you hate, in which case you can direct them to take The Accurate at face value. <---Look, I made a pun. S-M-R-T, I am so smart.


The Accurate is stainless steel with a black leather strap and 35mm diameter watch face. It arrives in an MJW presentation box with a fancy illustration and a 12-month warranty.

Mr. Jones watch designer Crispin Jones (no, not George McFly from Back to the Future, I already checked) creates timepieces he believes "...reflect and comment on society, both on the role that time plays in all our lives and also on the social impact of technology." He then adds, "Of course because I would like people to wear these watches, I also work very hard to make them beautiful objects in their own right." And herein, dudes, lies a lesson for all artists out there who have philosophical beliefs and statements with which they want to penetrate people's souls: go ahead and inject your musings and social commentary into your art, but be sure whatever medium you're shooting up also looks wicked enough that people are willing to fork over $199.99 for it.

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