Vachen Face-Changing Smartwatch

Posted: May 26, 2013
$179 - $279
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One watch, over a hundred different faces--interchangeable at the flick of a finger. Reminds me of this bipolar chick I used to date...I sure hope the Vachen Smartwatch doesn't come with an I'm-gonna-bludgeon-you-with-my-F'd-up-collection-of-life-size-porcelain-dolls-while-you-sleep face.

Vachen differentiates itself from other smartwatches in that it doesn't begin as a smart device, and work backwards to add clock and wristwatch functionality, but rather starts as a timepiece--focusing first on timepiece visual design and individual aesthetic preferences--and then incorporates only the smart attributes necessary for bumping it up to the next plane of watch artistry and functionality. Vachen insides are fashioned using Google Android, and connect via Bluetooth to Android OS, iPhone, and other smartphone systems both to change faces, and to give alerts of calls, texts, emails, and calendar events. The company, which plans to launch new face models every 45 days, will offer over 100 square and circular watchface designs to download from the Vachen store and use in creating a veritable virtual watch collection. No fancy mahogany box with velvet lining--or a place to store it--needed.

Vachen Smartwatches will also include numerous band options to change out for casual, formal, and athletic activities, as well as an open-source SDK format for programmers to develop their own faces for both personal use and sharing.

Vachen Smartwatches are making a final push on Kickstarter. If you want to back the project, get your pledges in by May 30, 2013.

November 2013 Update: Though Vachen met its crowdfunding goal, it does not appear to be available for direct purchase at this time. Check for updates and direct inquiries directly to the Vachen company through their Website--follow the link below.

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