Wood & Magnetic Ball Bearing Watch

Posted: December 13, 2022
Wood & Magnetic Ball Bearing Watch
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Dudes, do you feel time passing by? No? Well. You're either too young, or you've never touched a magnetic ball bearing watch before. The first one I ever saw, the Bradley Tactile Watch, was originally made with the blind and sight-impaired in mind, but it looks so unique and fashion-forward, even those with 20/20 vision started buying them.

This wood and magnetic ball bearing version, made by EUTOUR, takes a slightly different approach than the Bradley. While the latter situates the hour ball bearing on the edge of the watch face, and the minute ball in the center, EUTOUR places both on the watch face, and separates them with a decorative wooden disc. The Bradley also uses embossed hash marks to indicate its timepiece's 12 hours, while EUTOUR gives you nothing but a smooth surface in that department, so I'd imagine these wooden versions will take some more getting used to than their stainless steel and ceramic inspirations.

EUTOUR wood and magnetic ball bearing watches come in 4 different wood / band styles.

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