Wearable Turtle Shell Pillow

Posted: April 05, 2023
Wearable Turtle Shell Pillow
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OK, despite what I thought yesterday, a Wearable Turtle Shell Pillow is way better than a TRUFF x Super Mario Bros. Hot Sauce collaboration when you're talking finest of nods to the finest of franchises. Especially if you're a perpetually cold person who prefers stuffed layers of fuzzy cotton to 2500 Scovilles of chili peppers to heat you up (e.g., my wife, She-Ra: Princess of Power. All of a sudden, spicy food gives her heartburn.)

Like the Plufl, the Wearable Turtle Shell Pillow is a plush and cozy chill spot, nap spot, and hiding spot, but unlike the dog bed for humans, you can take this spot with you wherever you go. Or at least to the kitchen when you need a snack and some beer. Not sure how well you'd fare driving, riding the bus, or sitting in your desk chair at work in a Wearable Turtle Shell Pillow. Might be worth a shot when Halloween rolls around and you need a costume, though.

Top-to-bottom and empty, the Wearable Turtle Shell Pillow measures 59". You can also snag a smaller, 40" version if you want to turtle shell up with or get a gift for your kids.

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